Massage Treatment – Reap The Benefits

Captain Hook is sitting facing a work counselor’s desk and she is saying, “Hmmm…your best choices are piracy or Massage Therapy. Let us see if we could narrow this down a little”. We had our fun at the cost of massage treatment, today let’s find what’s massage therapy and its finest characteristics.

Massage treatment is used to control joints and the soft tissues of the body. Soft tissues include tendons and associated fascia, skin, ligaments and joints.

Massage is among the earliest forms of treatment practiced by the celebrated Greek, Greek, Indian and Chinese civilizations.

4700 years ago, ancient oriental Chinese practiced massage to cure a number of ailments from migraines to labor pains. Ayurvedha, a traditional form of Indian medicine employs various aromatherapy oils and spices to provide massage treatment.

Launched in 19th century, the Swedish massage is the most practiced form in western civilization. The Swedish treatment is believed to have borrowed lots of the methods from Rome, Greece, Egypt and China.

In western hospitals, soldiers that fought in World War I were administered massage for neurological damage and also to soothe shell shock. Many of our today popular contemporary massage techniques are made so as to heal particular health conditions.

When massage treatment is given to some individual, a number of physiological consequences are attained while the therapist’s hands go over the body. The various movements can physically stretch fascia and tendons, ligaments and joints. Massage therapy also promotes the flow through the tissue, inhibits muscle spasms and may be either stimulating or sedating into the nervous system.